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Lawrenceville Infant Child Care: Emotional child development

Posted on 10-14-2014


A child’s emotional development is securely connected to the brain from birth. The first five years of a child’s life are crucial to this development. Our learning curriculum ensures that the cognitive, language and social skills are skillfully developed through stimulation. Our infant child program at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Sugarloaf introduces play in our curriculum, because we understand the importance of playing while learning. This makes learning fun while enhancing your child’s development. Our infant child care program in Sugarloaf focuses on the following developmental areas:

  • Language
  • Social and emotional
  • Physical
  • Cognitive

We are dedicated to ensuring your child reaches each unique milestone while being nurtured in a safe, secure and loving environment.

Emotional development

There are different ways to observe when your child is developing emotionally. Emotional intelligence will occur as your child grows. A child will learn to interpret your emotions and those of other caregivers, that are part of the environment. These are the signs to look out for in your child’s emotional development:

  • Shows excitement and pleasure when family is around- this means your child has developed close attachments with you and other caregivers.
  • Is observant of other people’s emotions- this means they are able to recognize different facial expressions and emotions.
  • Knows his or her own name- this means they are showing signs of self-consciousness.
  • Experiences a wide range of emotions, such as: having a tantrum or showing signs of fear and sadness. With your help, your child will then learn to control these emotions.

As your child grows, emotional and social skills will begin to develop. Our Learning Academy in Lawrenceville specializes in nurturing each childs character, and developing emotional skills through our “Hug First, Then Teach” philosophy. If you need more information on our enrollment process please click here, and we will assist you with all your infant child care inquiries. For more information on our infant child care program in Lawrenceville, contact us today.

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